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Here’s a link to an article from the Georgia Center for Nonprofits with our Georgia Urban Forest Council (GUFC) Executive Director, Mary Lynne Beckley. We are so lucky to have her on our team!

Growing Georgia’s knowledge of urban forestry | The Georgia Center For Nonprofits



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The past five days have brought about noticeable change in north Georgia, with seasonal colors showing up above elevations of 3,000-feet. Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) foresters estimate 40% color change from green in these locations; just about 10% in lower areas.

As is true each year, northeast Georgia kicks in before northwest Georgia. At the higher elevations in northeast Georgia you’ll find sourwood, maple and dogwood showing deep reds and burgundies, and sumacs are also beginning to show bright reds.

Even below 3,000 feet, yellow poplars are in full swing, and sourwoods, dogwoods and maples are beginning to peek through the green. Some sweetgums are also beginning to pop with yellows and purples.

Northwest Georgia isn’t seeing a lot of leaf change yet, though you will see some poplars turning yellow and dropping their leaves. Sourwood, dogwood, maple and some individual sweetgum and blackgum are beginning to turn to red and purple.

Weather conditions expected for the next week are the perfect recipe for fall foliage colors: dropping temperatures and sunny days!

GFC foresters say the last two weekends in October will be the peak of the season for leaf watching, but scenic views can be enjoyed from now into November.


For some pretty viewing this weekend, drive north out of Cleveland on US 129 to GA 180 East, and then to GA 348 / the Richard Russell Highway. You’ll pass through Neels Gap and Testnatee and Hog Pen Gaps, which offer nice upper elevation vistas.

A trip to Brasstown Bald on the GA 180 Spur would also been an excellent choice – just be sure your brakes are in good shape for those steep grades.

For more information about leaf change and services provided by the

Georgia Forestry Commission, visit GaTrees.org.

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Northwest Georgia:

Northwest Georgia typically lags behind northeast Georgia in fall foliage changes, but in the higher elevations colors are beginning to emerge. Yellow poplars are showing some yellows, while dogwood and sourwood are also turning shades of deep red and burgundy, especially those in full sun.

For an early view of the changes, drive to higher elevations of 3000 to 3500 feet. Maples, yellow birch and cherries are starting to change as well.

Northeast Georgia:

This part of Georgia is always first to show change because of its higher elevations. Cooler temperatures and sunshine spark leaf changes. A ride up the Richard Russell Highway will provide plenty of pretty views, with many of the early species changes we’re beginning to see in northwest Georgia.

Watch for yellow poplars, maples, sourwoods and dogwoods and get a jump on the annual color show!

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